Last update - January 2019

Cosme Faé is a Product Designer from the city of Rio de Janeiro who loves to understand, consolidate and propose motivating user experiences.
Currently, Cosme is the Head of Product Design at WinSocial. His key responsibility is to help the team connect user needs with business goals, resulting in a motivating digital experience.

With over 10 years of digital product experience, he merges front-end development, visual design and UX expertise. All of Cosme's products are backed by data and design studies to deliver high-fidelity prototypes.

Cosme participated in several Hackathons as a Product Designer. Most recently, In October of 2017, the Transamerica Hackathon in Denver, Colorado. The fintech product that Cosme's team created was deemed one of the most innovative products there.

During his career, Cosme has proudly worked with small startups and big companies. He has experience with full-service digital agencies and multinational corporations, working with e-commerce, dashboards and mobile apps.

Passionate about how technology and a futuristic mindset can change the way we live, he has studied conversational interfaces and created Jenda, a chatbot for local events, as a side project (coming soon).

Cosme received his Bachelor of Technology in Digital Graphic Design from the College of Information Technology at the INFNET Institute in 2011. His foundation in Design Thinking and technology informs his work as a UX Designer.

Learn more about Cosme's work and his background on Linkedin.

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