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Aegon group company innovating in health & wellness technologies

People who live with diabetes are excluded (or limited) of many finance and risk products in the financial market. For that reason, the community WinSocial & Diabetes was born.

I was the first employee and Designer of the Startup. I have proudly worked with a dream team building new products with Aegon Group. We use a scientific approach to validate the hypothesis and technology to explore new unique digital ways.

The Position

We built a unique and young aesthetic atmosphere for that audience. Your financial life and a healthy lifestyle do not need to be boring topics.

The Concept

We explored minimalist visual elements and build user centered micro-experiences to introduce our values.

Connect and organize topics like financial protection, wellness, motivational content, and healthcare will be the biggest challenge in this project so far.

UX Research

The validation with rounds of usability tests was primordial to collect fast feedbacks.
“It’s better to throw away post-its than money”

Longevity simulator: what your real age is?

We launched a simulator to our users know their expectation of a healthy life.
"You could be younger than you look."

The app
WinSocial & Diabetes

  • Dashboard Integration with Google Fit and Apple Health: Steps and exams in one place.
  • Laboratory exams Essential health information to people with chronic diseases. In the interview questions, we got an insight to create a feature to share data easily with health occupationals.
  • Content Learn even more about your health. Exclusive content from our blog addressed at first hand in the app.
  • Health check An intuitive and practical approach to validate how healthy your physical condition is. At the end of the questions, we will show you a report with tips and insights to keep yourself healthy.

This is the first version of the app. More community and gamification features are coming.

A new way to get a quote

A global challenge in the insurance market is how to optimize the quote process to checkout faster.

Predictive UX

As a suggestion to optimize the checkout step I suggested changes in the boring form. Furthermore, we did usability tests and I discovered some ergonomic issues on filling the occupation field.

  • The problem is: There are a lot of old occupations and cannot be changed. Because of that, it is hard for the users to find the right one.
  • Suggestion for improvement: The occupation results list are shown by chosen popularity.
  • How: Each occupation will be a score counting.
  • Why: The most popular occupations will be shown by the popularity on list results. Therefore, the user will choose and following ahead quote flow faster.
  • When: At the moment the user clicks on the own occupation is increased on the score.
  • In addition to that: The occupations have already been chosen, since last year, were utilized as a starting point on the new design approach.