Smart Fit

What is Smart Fit today

Smart Fit company is the largest network of Gym in Latin American. This is a fitness mobile app proposal focused on motivating and engage people in exercises.

Nowadays, Smart Fit does not have a mobile app to connect its customers to the brand and its services.

How I got the first insight

After a discussion with 8 engaged customers about the gap in fitness's mobile app, I had the idea of creating this elegant and intuitive app. I based my strategy to make good gamification engine as a motivational tool and an intuitive workout planner.

The Concept

I spent a couple of days planning the interface with some UX deliverables as wireframes, card sorting and usability tests. I used a lot of post-its to define some engaging features to the users spend more time using the app in a healthy way.

The Design

Users can connect to the app by using their Facebook, as an alternative, they can also create a new account using their email address.

Onboarding was designed to share the next motivational experience and facilities connected with the app.

Motivating and notification cards

I created some motivating and notification cards on the home screen app. I split into 3 simple categories:

  • Gym notification Opening hours alerts (holidays, energy problems...), closing time of the closest gym the closest gym, app new features, billing issues, special events (extra workout, running party, DJ at the gym...)
  • Motivating content Quotes and videos from important people to don't give up your workouts.
  • Badges notification After reaching some activities along the time the users can get motivating badges based on achievements like 'You earned a medal level 3 "It doesn't matter if it's raining". Congrats!', 'Non-stop 3 months. You look great as always' or 'You really deserve a white beard just to workout on 25th December'.

Weather forecast

The weather forecast for the day helps you to choose the right clothes for your workout training.

Your coach can help you

Currently, the only way to schedule an appointment with a coach is at the gym's reception. The proposal, with an intuitive workflow, you can choose the best time and workout planning directly from the app in a friendly way.

Watch your training

After your coach plans the workout, you will follow your daily activity. The user can use the integrated stopwatch to control the activities.